About Us



n2Engagement, LLC, (formerly Virtual Office Associates) a minority owned and operated firm providing sustainable communication and public involvement solutions.  

Mission Driven


n2E uses technology, strategic management tools, and cultural competence to achieve our mission to inform and include minority stakeholders in community dialogue.



n2E leads the nation in diversity engagement and since 2005 involved more citizens, least likely to participate in economic, environmental, political, and other social justice change. 

Civic Engagement Specialists



n2Engagement has successfully designed and facilitated Community Visioning, Workshops, Town Hall Meetings, and public forums to involve community stakeholders on housing, land-use, transportation, and waterfront projects in Washington, DC and around the metro region. 

Utilizing public dispute resolution techniques, n2E achieved transparency, honesty, and community buy-in on the $25m 11th Street Bridge Rebuild * Multi-Million Dollar Anacostia Waterfront Initiative and Transportation Master Plan * DC Comprehensive Plan * DC Parks and Recreation Master Plan * Cambridge Lives! [Main Streets America, Cambridge, MD] Community Visioning Plan, and other multi-agency community redevelopment projects. 


Marketing and Research

 n2E are communication and public relations specialists. Ready to design your public meeting or event, re-brand your project or mission, facilitate your public relations campaign, train your event staff, and connect interested stakeholders who will be talking about your event! 


Targeted Rules of Engagement

All sectors of the public - regardless of race, ethnicity, age, location or literacy level - have been informed by our methods. To the satisfaction of multiple stakeholders, measurable outcomes have been delivered in simple and complex planning processes. 

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